Ship of Fools Character Guide (Updated)

List of all the playable characters.

Here is the latest Ship of Fools character guide that will help you pick your ideal fools in the game.

Ship of Fools is a maritime rogue lite co-op game in which you play as the Fools, the only creatures foolish enough to venture out on the open sea. A storm of malice and corruption is approaching, and the Great Lighthouse that previously guarded the Archipelago is no longer functioning. Are you foolish enough to try to avert the Aquapocalypse?

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Ship of Fools Character Guide

I’ve given a list and a basic introduction of all the heroes in the list below:-



It’s time to meet one of my favorite fools! Introducing Todd!

With their Humble Hood Trinket, they get a greater and swifter paddle attack!



Introducing the latest and greatest Fool – Lotte!

With her Cozy Scarf Heirloom Trinket, cannons that she reloads regenerate ammo over time!



It’s time to meet one of my second favorite fools! Introducing Hink!

With their Scar of Past Glory, they get splash damage and effects on critical hits!



With their Soothing Shell, they get an increased Fire rate, projectile speed and damage on cannons that they load.



With their Handy Hat, they gain a random reward every time they repair the Stormstrider!



Cluck seems to think they can fly… That’s not the case, but their Bird Hat allows them to lay eggs during encounters!



With their Classy Bow Tie, they get a shorter paddle attack combo that packs more than quite a wallop.

And with that I conclude this Ship of Fools guide.

Who is your favorite Fool so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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