All Perseus Titan Slayer Updates (NEW) – Patch Notes

All the updates released so far.

Perseus: Titan Slayer is an over-the-top hack and slash, rogue-like adventure that focuses on depth and branching choices which allow for multiple unique runs.

Since its initial launch, the developers are regularly releasing new Perseus Titan Slayer updates to enhance the overall experience. So, in this Perseus Titan Slayer guide I have listed all the new and old update notes as of today.

All Perseus Titan Slayer Updates – Patch Notes

The updates are mentioned in the order of their release. So, the first update is at the top and new subsequent updates afterwards.

Perseus Titan Slayer – Update 1

  • Fixed falling out of map bounds in Survivor map, Hydra Island map and Acharnae Dungeon map.
  • Reduced enemies attack damage, attack speed and move speed.
  • Increased player attack range.
  • Reduced player stamina.
  • Catapults are auto destroyed after the level is finished.
  • Increased Mana and Mana Regen in Survivor map.
  • Slight increase to performance and optimization.
  • Increased camera speed to reduce being too close when moving south.

Perseus Titan Slayer – Update 2

  • Reworked Dashing, Dashing is now Rolling, you can’t attack while rolling.
  • Enemies have a short delay before they land an attack, and they will be highlighted in red.
  • Improved hit feedback by making enemies get staggered on hit.
  • Increased player damage reduction.
  • Reduced player stamina.
  • Reduced Sword/Daggers/Katana slash affect opacity.
  • Zoomed the camera in.

Perseus Titan Slayer – Update 3

  • Reworked the reworked Rolling, Rolling is now Diving; you can’t attack while diving, but you can still cast spells, also applies Dash Impact upgrade by default.
  • Removed Dash Impact from Upgrades.
  • Increased Dragon fire cooldown while flying.
  • Reduced most enemies projectiles move speed.
  • Northern Outskirts map snow color is now gray.
  • Reduced the brightness of most maps.
  • Lighting is now darker.
  • Increased enemies attack wait time.
  • Improved evasion visuals.
  • Added an option to toggle Auto Casting Spells in Survivor mode.
  • Added FPS limit option.
  • Shopkeeper and Skill points and other NPCs no longer block the player while diving.

Perseus Titan Slayer – Update 4

  • Changed Survivor mode controls to be fully auto, you no longer need to aim, the character will attack the nearest enemy.
  • Reworked Flamethrower; Flamethrower is now a passive ability that triggers by attacking enemies, has a cooldown of 9 seconds.
  • Removed Flamethrowers and Bombs from the shopkeeper.
  • Changed the lighting to be night.
  • Fixed a bug where some abilities are not being cast and go on cooldown.
  • Increased performance in Survivor mode.

That’s all the patch notes I got for you today. Stay tuned for more Perseus Titan Slayer updates in the future.

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