This list of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as more questions come to our attention.

What is the story behind the making of FLIPSIDE?
Flipside was created as an educational challenge. Our team consists of 12 students from seven different universities and art schools throughout Denmark who came together in May 2007 in order to create a game in exactly one month, arranged by DADIU - the National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment.

Why didn't you make the game even better before you released it?
Since we only had one month from concept to release (see the first question), we had to focus on creating just one great level with the most basic gameplay and only a few different NPCs. After the end of May we were spread throughout the country again.

Why did you use the Source Engine?
Using the Source Engine was one of the conditions under DADIU (see the first question). The Source Engine seems to be the only engine that is very cheap to use (for non-profit purposes) while at the same time it includes a feature-rich level editor and content creation tools.

When I try to install the game, the installer skips all the files. What can I do?
We are still unaware of why the installer create this problem for some people when it works fine for most, so if anybody have any pointers, we would appreciate hearing about it. In the meantime we have gotten this helpful workaround from one of our users, which has been confirmed to work:

"To fix the problem I created a folder on the root of my C: drive called T3Mod. So it was C:\T3Mod. I then created all of the necessary folders for the files that were being skipped inside the T3Mod folder. I got the names and locations of these folders from the same place in the installer that tells you it's skipping files. I then placed the installer in the T3Mod folder and ran it there. All files then extracted properly. Then I moved the T3Mod folder to my steam\steamapps\SourceMods folder and then restarted steam. The mod then worked from there on out."
In order to easily create the folder C:\T3Mod\ and all the subfolders, you can use the BAT file here: create_t3mod_folder.bat. The BAT file is kindly proveded by Thomas Larsen.

I get very frustrated when I try to jump on to platforms! I can't seem to jump high enough.
Jumping high is possible on the lush side, but it might be difficult at first. Here are some directions on how to get it right:

  • To jump higher you have to press the jump button when hitting the ground at the end of a jump.
  • The higher you fall from, the higher you can go in the next jump, if you press the jump button right after landing.
  • Use the arrow keys to move sideways while in air to make the landing perfect for the next jump.
  • Make sure you choose places to land between jumps with plenty of room to do a somersault before jumping again.

Why is it so difficult to attack the enemies? Sometimes it doesn't seem to work?
Attacking on the gloomy side can be tricky, but there is no randomness involved. Once you master it, it works every time. Here is a little advice:

  • You can't attack if you move too close to the enemies. Keep a small distance.
  • Performing the attack takes a moment so don't step back right after you have pressed the button. Stand still until you can see the attack is over.
  • Observe the attack pattern of the enemies. The best moment to attack them is after they have tried to attack you.
  • Try to get close to the enemies on the lush side where they won't hurt you. Then switch to the gloomy side and attack. If it fails, you can switch back to the lush side to be safe again.

Why do I keep on losing the game? This is just way too difficult!
Surviving opponents can troublesome in the beginning. There are ways to improve your chance of making it though:

  • Beware of enemies! When you begin the game the main character only has one health point.
  • Collect flowers/mushrooms to collect as much as three additional health points.
  • When you have collected three flowers/mushrooms you enter super mode which makes the main character immortal on both sides, enables him to jump very high on the lush side and kill enemies by touching them on the gloomy side.
  • Be careful when super mode is over - you will have only one hit point left as in the beginning of the game.