FLIPSIDE is run on Valve's Source Engine. To run this mod a Windows PC with Steam and Half-Life 2 installed is required.

FLIPSIDE is controlled with the keyboard. The default settings are arrow keys for movement, CTRL to jump, SPACE to attack and ENTER to flip side. To maintain control you should only press keys once to make the main character jump or attack - pressing repeatedly and excessively will make the game unresponsive and may cause you to lose.

Managing to jump high on the lush side can be tricky. To jump higher and higher you have press the jump button just when touching the ground at the end of the previous jump. Use the arrow keys to maneuver while in the air to prepare for the next jump. Attacking at the right time on the gloomy side can be difficult. Get close to an enemy and pull back to see how they react. Use their patterns against them to win the game.