Dead by Daylight and Stranger Things would resume their collaboration again

Collaboration to continue between Dead by Daylight & Netflix

Fans of Dead by Daylight and Stranger Things could be in luck. According to certain leakers, there is a possibility that the collaboration between the two could return to the video game. Those characters and scenarios that were removed at the end of this union could be renewed. All this would return and would add Vecna, the villain of the fourth season, in killer mode.

The account in charge of leaking all these details has been, once again, is DBDLeaks. According to DBDLeaks, all the previous content that was removed would return the last year, breaking the hearts of all Dead By Daylight players, and would make a return to the asymmetrical 1v4 horror game. Thus, according to the rest of the leak, it is not clear if Vecna will arrive along with the rest of the content. In case he doesn’t, it seems that the new killer could land earlier in the game.

Dead by Daylight

At the moment there is no official confirmation about the return of this collaboration. As reported by leakers, it seems that Netflix would have contacted Behaviour Interactive to propose the return of this collaboration. But it seems that we will have to keep an eye on official communications from either company. In case this happens we will have to expect more content from the series Dead by Daylight.

And is that we could expect new content apart from this killer. Maybe it’s time to think about new survivors that would give a much better touch to the famous title. What is clear to us is that there is still time to know if the return of this collaboration will be official and, of course, if it will return in several batches or on the contrary decide to wait to launch everything at once.

Anyway, there is an estimated date, and it is even very close. Behaviour Games is expected to make the announcement in December this year, so the arrival of this new killer will come sooner than some expect. Recall that in addition to the new killer, we will also meet Demogorgon, Nancy, and Steve (who has a legendary skin that allows him to become Jonathan).  Also, let’s remember that the Stranger Things map will be back in Dead By Daylight: Hawkins National Laboratory.

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