Cats and the Other Lives Review & First Impression (NEW)

Firat impression on the latest Cats and the Other Lives game.

“Cats and the Other Lives” is a Felis domesticus tale that explores the reunion of a shattered family through the eyes of their house cat, Aspen.

Cats and the Other Lives Review

In this game, you play a cat that uncovers long-buried family secrets. The story is what counts here, not the gameplay.

Story of the game:

At first, I thought the game was too dark and too mysterious which piqued my interest. As I progressed and learned more about the family, I realized I was thrown a curveball. My assumptions were wrong. On top of that, doing random cat-like things around the house I could unlock some funny hidden achievements which also got me poking my nose around every little corner in the house. By the time I realized I’m at the end of the game, I wasn’t even expecting to be done or to be bonded with almost every character in the game.

Art style of the game:

Pixel art was simply beautiful. Even the glass windows of the mansion looked amazing on the stairways with the holy’ish glow on the background. You’ll see what I mean just by watching the trailer.

Soundtrack and the music of the game:

The music was always indicating and sometimes dictating the mood of the level. Footsteps or the grunts were also funny. I found myself speaking on behalf of the characters with a funny accent sometimes.


The game ran perfectly since the start and I finished it in 6~ hours but at first when I launched the game, It froze a few times which was also understandable because the game was launched yesterday. Every game has flaws at launch.

Simply put:

The artwork and the music was great, the plot was so unexpected and exciting. Even though I was skeptical that this game would be a lovey dovey, boring game at first, plot twists and sudden revelations kept me wondering what is going on and what is going to happen. And the ending was very satisfactory for me. Overall, It felt like I’m “playing” a movie or reading a book with a captivating plot. It only took me around 6h to finish the game even though I took a few snack breaks.

I would recommend this game to people who would like to relax with a cup of coffee on a rainy day in their cozy home and enjoy a heartfelt story and the daily life of a house cat.

This Cats and the Other Lives review is originally written by Steam user “Laranthir” and compiled by Flipside staff.

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