How to beat Finders Keepers in Dicey Dungeons?

This is just an excuse for me to show off my broken loadout I discovered.

The other day I was playing the thief’s second episode Finders Keepers. The gimmick for this episode is that during battle, it adds a piece of equipment which takes 12 units (dots? numbers? I don’t know what to call them) to use. After the battle ends, and you’ve used this equipment, you can choose one of the enemy’s pieces of equipment to steal. This can lead to some broken loadouts and I will be going over one that I found.

Beat Finders Keepers in Dicey Dungeons


This loadout requires you to encounter specific enemies in your run, which may not appear every time. Your loadout doesn’t have to be the exact same as mine, but there are 2 key pieces of equipment that are crucial to making this loadout work. The first one is the Freeze Spell, which can be found from a wizard. It requires a die with a roll of 1, and it deals 5 ice damage and freezes 2 enemy dice. This can be upgraded so that it freezes all enemy dice. The second one is the Fool’s Fire, which can be found from a wisp. It requires 12 points, and it inflicts vanish on the opponent.

Using it

Now that you’ve got the necessary equipment, I’m going to show you my loadout and explain what everything does:

finders keepers

I have a Fool’s Fire+, a Broadsword, a Lockpick, and a Freeze Spell+ (later in the run I upgraded the Broadsword). Here’s how my turns go:

  1. I use the Lockpick, which splits a dice into 2 separate dice with the same combined power. This can prove to be incredibly useful because even if you don’t end up rolling a 1, you can use a 2 or 3 to get a guaranteed 1 from the lockpick. You can also put a 1 in, and it’ll duplicate it.
  2. I use the Freeze Spell+, which requires a 1 from the Lockpick, deals 5 ice damage, and freezes all opponent dice. What the freeze status effect does is it resets their highest dice rolls to 1, so when using the Freeze Spell+ it turns ALL their dice into 1s.
  3. I use the Broadsword+, which deals 3 more than the dice used with it. I always use my highest remaining dice with this unless the dice after that wouldn’t add up to 6. Although the Freeze Spell does deal damage, the Broadsword is primarily a damage dealer, so it speeds up the process.
  4. I use the Fool’s Fire+, which takes 6 points and inflicts the status effect vanish on the opponent. What vanish does is that it deletes any opponent dice with the same value. Remember earlier that we used the Freeze Spell+ to set all their dice to 1, so vanish deletes all their dice except for one of them.

In total, this makes you able to deal up to 14 damage in a single turn while your opponent is only left with only a 1 die and is often not able to do anything at all. I find it hilarious how badly this disables the enemy because you’re able to get away with minimal or even no damage taken.


That’s it for this “How to beat Finders Keepers in Dicey Dungeons guide”. There’s probably a million other loadouts you can find in Finders Keepers that are equally or more broken than this, and you probably won’t even need help beating this episode, but I just wanted to share this with you all because I felt like it.

This Dicey Dungeons guide was originally written by Steam user “TDash” and compiled by Play Flipside staff.

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