FLIPSIDE was created by Team 3 in May 2007 as the first of two game productions arranged by the National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment. The team consisted of students from eight different universities and art schools throughout Denmark. Five other games were created by five other teams during this month - we recommend you check them out!

Ours is the third year group to participate in game productions at the academy. Creating a game prototype of this scope is a practical exercise of teamwork and game production skills in preparation for us to join the game development industry once graduated.

The basic challenge of the production is to come up with a vision for a game and beat the Source engine into submission in order to produce that vision - all within a month. FLIPSIDE is our first bid at this challenge. We hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it!

Those are the members of Team 3:
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Director Jan Rahbek
The National Film School of Denmark
Game Designer Thomas Pilgaard
University of Aalborg, Multimedia
Project Manager Tim Nielsen
The IT University of Copenhagen
Lead Visual Designer Meta Bjerregaard
Danmarks Designskole
Visual Designer Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen
Danmarks Designskole
Lead Audio Designer Kasper Aae
University of Aarhus, Audiodesign
Audio Designer and Composer Mads Lykke
University of Aarhus, Audiodesign
Lead Game Programmer Rune Skovbo Johansen
University of Aarhus, Game Programming
Game Programmers Morten Engel
University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science
Stefan Glimberg
University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science
Lead Animator Matthías Bjarnason
The Animation Workshop, University College of Western Denmark
Animator Stephan Suessmann
The Animation Workshop, University College of Western Denmark


The members of Team 3 in order of appearance as seen on the photo from top left to bottom right.

Meta Bjerregaard, Tim Nielsen, Jan Rahbek,
Matthias Bjarnson, Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen

Kasper Aae, Stephan Suessmann, Rune Skovbo Johansen,
Stefan Glimberg, Mads Lykke, Thomas Pilgaard

NOT PRESENT: Morten Engel